DH Video Select: Frankie Carbone’s Best Bits

Non-baseball video here for you today. If you’ve read the blog in the past you know we’re big fans of Goodfellas and Casino.

Today, we have a video that is just so damn random. We’d love to ask the creator of it on YouTube just what the hell they were thinking.

Frankie Carbone isn’t a main character in Goodfellas. He’s a memorable one no doubt if you pick apart the movie and can recite every line like our loser asses. But he’s hardly the guy who makes the movie, or even a guy like Morrie who is lovable and precious in his own right.

So we have this guy, noffyboy on Youtube who creates a video with the best scenes of Frankie Carbone within it. That’s like making a career highlight reel of Ryan Leaf. There is no point to it. Most of the scenes above contain Frankie in muffled grumbling or in passing conversation. Except one that is (when Stacks Edwards gets whacked).

“You gonna take da fuckin’ coffee to go?”