How Chase Utley blows off steam before a game

Over the weekend the topic of Chase Utley came up with a friend who was in town visiting. She’s got a lot of friends from the greater Philly area (aka North Jersey). She is a Yankee Fan. But shortly after the subject of Utley came up, the subject of what Utley did to relieve some tension before games came up.

Aparently, according to our source; she has a good friend (of which we also know) that knows the bat boy/clubbie for the Phillies. And he is the one who made sure that the tale of truth was told about Utley’s pregame ritual.

We’re told that Utley and another teammate (couldn’t get his name but it’s gotta be Jayson Werth), regularly watch porno before games and then basically ‘relieve themselves’ right in the clubhouse quarters. No shame, no denial. Utley watches pornography and then cleans the pipes before his games.

Anyone with insider knowledge of the Philly clubhouse could probably confirm for us. It’s true. Our source is good.

So let it be said, that even when you got a wife that looks like Jen Utley, you still get the urge to beat on that meat.

*Hat tip to Goyfriend, who reads the blog.