Redsfest Report: Hall of Fame Exhibit

The Reds had a Hall of Fame exhibit set up, and although we did not spend more then about 15 minutes in there, it was a very neat thing to see. There was a heavy emphasis on the World Champion 1990 Reds.

This was as close as we’ve ever been to the World Series trophy. Well, scratch that. Back at our first Redsfest in 1996, we saw the three World Series Trophies as well. Oh how we took that moment for granted. As a kid, you think your team will end up with a pile of these, you know? Little did we know that some 13 or 14 years later we’d still be lusting over 1990. One guy was talking about that 1990 team when they stepped on the main stage for the 20 year reunion and he said it was one of the greatest things to happen in his life. While some might say that is pathetic, we imagine we’d be saying the same thing if the 2010 Reds pulled off something like that.

That kind of magic happened back in the late 80’s and early 90’s in baseball. It just doesn’t happen now–lets be honest with ourselves.

These are game worn uniforms from the 1990 World Series. That is pretty bad ass. Notice the patches? It’s the little things.

Here’s a far back look at the 1990 series trophy. Hard to believe this is what had the champagne poured around it. It’s seen better days. For a while we’d thought that these trophies on display were only the replica version (much like in the NFL the franchise elects to only display the dummy trophy) but we were told this is the authentic World Series trophy.

Here’s the championship banner that hung in old Riverfront Stadium.

And this is as close as we got to old Gramps Piniella. We looked all over for him. he must not have been at Redsfest last night or we just couldn’t locate him. Next time we attend, we’ll have to gameplan a little better so that we hit everything. It’s not the end of the world. He is the manager of the Cubs. And he probably would have been grouchy anyways.