Had a dream last night

So last night I had this glorious dream. It was the best dream a man can have. Yes pervs, I was more disappointed waking up from this dream than a dream of any female from my youth or past.

I had this dream that the Reds were in the World Series, and I cannot remember who against. They had just won a tight ballgame 7-5 or so to take a 3 to 1 series advantage over their AL opponent.

Adam Dunn (who had been re-acquired) slugged the home run that made the difference. Jay Bruce had homered as well. The Reds were heading back to Great American Ball Park for game 5 and I was about to go and scalp a ticket for whatever the price was.

Then I woke up. I hope this isn’t as close as I ever get to this, but I have my doubts.