Yankees win 27 in Heaven, World Champions in Six Games

Not to blow our own horn here, but as we predicted all the way back before the first game of the regular season was played, and before the World Series started; the New York Yankees became World Champions. We even called it in six games.
Hideki Matsui made sure that there was no chance of the Phillies forcing a game seven, as he drove in six runs and fell only a triple short of hitting for the cycle. He became the first Japanese born MVP in World Series history and Pedro Martinez became the fourth Cy Young award winner to lose a clinching game in the World Series.
So there you have it. The 2009 Yankees live on forever in baseball and sports immortality. The thing we’ll remember most about these Yankees is that they finally got smart and acquired young stars to play for this team instead of aging veterans. Their depth was exceptional and they were so talented that really if you know baseball this is no surprise that they won it all. There was no other team on paper or if you watched them play over the course of a few games that could stack up to them.

And not only now does Alex Rodriguez have Kate Hudson, he’s got a World Series ring. It’s not exactly like the lasting image of Micheal Jordan hugging the NBA Finals trophy, but it’s baseball history for sure to see the shot above.
We wouldn’t be real surprised to see the Yankees make another run at this thing next year with basically the same cast of characters. In all likelihood this was the last title they win while George Steinbrenner is alive. Steinbrenner must not be in good shape, as he wasn’t in the house last night to see his team get the win.
Another season is in the books, and the Yankees have risen yet another title banner in their first year of their new home. A sweet time to be a fan of the Bombers.