Prince Fielder was about to get his Jumanji on in SoCal

Prince Fielder is one of our favorite dudes. By all accounts, he treats the fans with respect. He hits big time home runs. He chews. Milwaukee is an easy team to root for.

And last night Prince Fielder was about to charge his way into the Dodgers clubhouse after getting hit by Guillermo Mota’s cut fastball.

With a number of his teammates in pursuit, Fielder the Brewers’ first baseman stormed into a tunnel leading to the Dodgers’ clubhouse following the final out of a ninth inning in which he had been plunked on the right thigh with a pitch by reliever Guillermo Mota.

Fielder was apparently incensed because he felt the pitch was in retaliation for Brewers reliever Chris Smith hitting Manny Ramirez with a pitch in the seventh inning after the Dodgers slugger had homered and driven in three runs.

Fielder was stopped outside the Dodgers’ main clubhouse entrance by security guards and his own teammates, who forced him to retreat to the Brewers’ clubhouse.

Mota did not immediately appear at his locker after the game, leaving catcher Russell Martin to speak for him.

“It’s protection,” Martin said of the payback pitch. “It’s just about keeping the team unified and pulling the wagons together.”

Hey Russell Martin, we got news for you: Prince eats pieces of shit like you for breakfast. He’ll stomp a mudhole in you and walk it dry. Do you cut Mota’s steak for him too? Let Guillermo fight his own battles, would you? He’s the one who beaned Prince, and he’s the one who should have to pay the piper.

No one puts Prince in a corner!