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Alright, so we’re a day late and a dollar short; but we wanted to document the amazing achievement of Mariano Rivera recording his 500th save on Sunday Night Baseball. Rivera becomes only the second man in the history of the game to record such a feat.

And a good quote from the NY Daily News sums up Rivera quite well:

I don’t think 500 means that much to him. He’s not about totals, he’s really not,” Michael added. “He knows how great he’s been. He knows he’s the greatest clutch reliever ever, and that means a lot to him. But all he really ever wanted was to win, and that’s still what he cares about.”

This is a guy who’s done nothing but add to the Yankee mystique. Only the Yankees would uncover a guy who is capable of saving 500 games and keep him around and healthy and motivated long enough to do this. Let’s see him go for 600 now.

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