Throwing it around

Mell Allen (of TWIB fame) would tell you that Saturdays were made for baseball, and we subscribe to that theory. Saturday afternoon has always been our favorite time of the week, and that especially goes for in the summer. So the sun is shining, the weather is warm and there will be baseball on your television today. Take in a game and rejoice.

-Xavier Nady is out for the year for the Yankees, and possibly next season too. [ESPN’s Sweetspot]
-Sonnastine out; Kazmir in. [The Rays Party]
-Jeremy Jeffress is doing a fine job of screwing up what could have been a great MLB career. [Milwaukee JS]
-Derek Jeter just keeps on rolling. []
-Remembering when baseball was cooler then it is present day. [Bugs & Cranks]
-One of our biggest pet peaves: fans who go to the game and do everything but watch it. [Blue Collar Baseball]
-Why the Ballpark in Arlington sucks. [Deadspin]
-We’ll do better at covering losses and not just Reds wins. [Red Reporter]