Joey Votto returns, but shouldn't be considered a season saver

Joey Votto is making his return tonight, back in the lineup at first base and batting third as the Reds begin a three game series in Toronto. This is great news but Reds fans are almost expecting Votto to come back and be an instant savior to this lineup. We’re just here to suggest that Votto; while being a very good hitter, isn’t ready to make this a playoff team.

The Reds were 26-20 before Votto went on the DL. Since then they’ve slipped back to an even 34-34. He’ll help. But the Reds are still at least one big bat away from being able to call this a serious lineup, and we’d even argue that they’re two away from it being a threatening lineup.

So by all means, we’re excited to have Votto back. It should get everyone else in the lineup more pitches to hit. But we’re not expecting the Reds to make a run towards the playoffs either. They guy is only 25 years old and it’s unfair to pile all the expectations some have on him, especially returning from the DL with the matter that he was facing (whatever that was).

So welcome back, Joey. We missed you. But the Reds still need to go out and get a big right handed bat.