Pirates fans should know that Andrew McCutchen is a lot like Lastings Milledge

Pirates fans must be feeling pretty good right now. Andrew McCutchen is all the rage. He made his MLB debut, picked up a couple hits, and the Pirates swept the New York Mets.

A quick look at McCutchen’s minor league statistics and scouting report reveals that he’s got more similarities to Lastings Milledge then just first glance appearance. And that’s how this kid strikes us. He looks like Milledge and he’s got about the same skill set, and the man who calls himself ‘Blastings Thrilledge’ has done little to nothing so far.
So before you go getting all excited about this 22-year old that came out of the 2005 draft you need to remember that you’re still the Pirates. And there’s also no sure bets in this game. All I have to do is whisper the name Jermaine Allensworth to a Pirates fan to prove my point. It took him 342 lifetime games and four seasons to compile a season’s worth of stats before he called it a career.