That's a cat on the field at Wrigley

Last night’s game in Chicago was kind of wacky in that it had a few weird incidents. The first is sure to end up on a blooper video (do they still even make those?) 15 years from now. It was one of those classic scenes where a stray cat breaks into a mad dash onto the field and the grounds crew guy chases him away. We just want to know how a cat gets onto the field. Or to the field and into the stadium and down the aisleway. Please explain.

The second was dealing with the infamous Steve Bartman seat, and the Chicago Cubbie fans showing their true colors. A guy kind of took a foul ball away from Alfonso Soriano in left field and happened to be sitting in the same vicinty as the famed Bartman seat. The crowd erupted into a chorus of boos and irony would have it, the camera crew then panned Dusty Baker and the ‘2003’ flag banner hanging.

Clearly signs exist that the event still burns in Wrigleyville as it did the day of it all going down. Even though Moises Alou says he wouldn’t have caught the ball anyways.

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  • The cat + the Bartman seat deja vu… what a combination… looks like another choke-filled postseason for the Cubbies!

  • I don’t believe that intelligent people, even baseball players, do not have the common sense to pickup a cat without using its tail. This is a defenseless animal that did not know why 8 men chased it. The affects of picking up a cat by the tail can cause damage to the spinal column. How would a player liked to be dragged across the field with a broken arm. The do everything possible to make them comfortable and not cause them pain. Did anyone think of the pain that was caused to this cat. This is just another reason I don’t and would never watch a baseball game, let alone go to one.

  • Anonymous,I have to say that I am an animal lover and I also thought it was odd that the person picked the cat up by the tail but… I just have to ask… 1) Why in the heck are you leaving this comment on a baseball blog, if you don’t even like baseball? Do you just need an outlet to tell the world that you have issues that go way beyond a cat being handled poorly at a nationally televised sporting event? 2) If you’re going to make such statements, why don’t you at least give a name? Who are we going to credit when you save the world?