Owings' bat gets Reds past Astros

[Box Score]

If you watched this game for the first 6 innings as a Reds fan you were just shaking your head and saying cuss words under your breath. You had to be. The Reds were getting shut down by a AAA pitcher and wasting a great effort by starting pitcher Edison Volquez.
Then Micah Owings pinch hit and opened this one up, giving the Reds a 2 run lead with a double off the left center field wall that made it a 3-1 game in favor of the Reds. Owings is so impressive with the lumber that many have said he should start shagging balls in the outfield in preperation to be a full time player when he’s not pitching. While we aren’t in favor of that, he is hitting over .330 in his career in 120+ big league at bats. The guy is a force at the dish and you can’t get him out by throwing straight fastballs to him like other Major League teams continually do.

Yesterday, this cost the Astros. Geoff Geary learned the hard way. Edison Volquez looked as good as he has so far this season, striking out 7.

The Reds still have some serious problems. Jay Bruce missed his 2nd game in a row and is expected to be out of the lineup tonight with that hand problem (thanks Yovani Gallardo, you fucker). Cincinnati has not collected more then 7 hits in a ballgame yet this season. That’s horrible.
Still, as bad as they’ve been they’re 6-5. We’ll take it. If, and that is a serious if; they ever really do hit they’re going to be a pretty decent squad. Not a playoff team by any means but they’re going to be able to do some things and finishing above .500 will be achievable. But they honestly will probably be plagued with a lack of offense all season. This is going to linger as a problem.