Ian Kinsler hits for the cycle in Texas

You might remember that Ian Kinsler getting off to a hot start at the beginning of a seasons is nothing new. Last night he pretty much did as much as you can in a game offensively. The Rangers scored 19 runs on the evening. By the 6th inning Kinsler had hit for the cycle and already had 5 base hits. He finished with 6. That’s more then some guys have this entire season so far. Kinsler had such a great night that overlooked will be the fact that Nelson Cruz had 6 RBI and another home run (his 5th of the year).
“It is more special to do it on Jackie Robinson Day,” Kinsler said. “He’s the guy who could do everything in the game, hit triples, hit home runs, steal bases, score runs, do everything. It is weird that it’s Jackie Robinson Day and I’m playing second base, but it’s great it happened that way.”
This Texas offense scores like a kid playing Nintendo. They really do. If you could just mix a halfway decent pitching staff onto that team we’d maybe be calling them a modern day murderers row. But all season the theme is going to be can the Texas offense outscore what their pitching staff gives up.