10 Questions with former White Sox catcher Ron Karkovice

As part of our full service preview, we have a very special treat for you all. We sat down with (ok he e-mailed us) former White Sox Catcher Ron Karkovice for a few simple questions. Ron was nice enough to provide us with a few simple answers. This simple man was the 14th overall selection in 1982 (the year we were born). We remember spending a lot of time watching ‘Kark’ on WGN growing up when the White Sox were on cable only slightly less then the Atlanta Braves. We also remember vividly Kark striking out 5 times on Opening Day in 1996 (he drew Randy Johnson that day). He’s the only guy we remember doing that in a game. So without further waiting, here’s 10 questions with Ron Karkovice just as they were fed:

Who was your best friend in baseball or did you have a teammate that you enjoyed playing with most?

alex fernandez

What was it like playing with Frank Thomas?

it was great to watch him hit every day

Who was the toughest big league pitcher you ever faced and what made it so tough?

dave stieb could not pick up the ball

Do you still follow the Sox or watch a lot of baseball? Who’s your pick for the World Series this season?

yes – everybody thinks new york will win i dont think so

Do you have any good Carlton Fisk or Tom Seaver stories? both former teammates of yours?


You played your whole career in the Windy City, what did you like most about Chicago?

the fans and the city

What was your favorite road city to play in?


Would you vote for Roger Clemens to get in the Hall of Fame?

i would have to think abouit that

What are your interests other than baseball?

just baseball

What is the thing you miss most about being a big leaguer?

well my team mats

……….Ron Karkovice Ladies and Gentleman.

  • That was some thrilling stuff. We demand more Kark.P.S. You should have used than, not then, in question 9. Poor grammar (especially from a journalist) drives me nuts.

  • Wow, that was amazing. He filled us in on what he was doing and told us some amazing stories about life in the major leagues. I especially like the story where he told us “no”.

  • a friend and I had to tagteam this to get through everything because his answers have so many layers. I mean… Alex Fernandez… think about that on a subconcious level.

  • Dave Stieb has the biggest hard-on right now.

    • CaptEsteban

      Me too.

  • Cal is my favorite city, too! Although Fla is a close 2nd…

  • matt

    If you remember him the way you say you do, then you would remember his nickname was Karko, not Kark.

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