Keep your eye on this Dontrelle Willis story

The latest struggle for Dontrelle Willis is a peculiar one. Willis has been placed on the Disabled List with an “anxiety disorder”. Now here is what makes things interesting:

“This is not depression,” Willis said. “This is something totally different. This is something where they saw something in my blood that they didn’t like. “I’m not crazy, though my teammates might think that I’m crazy.”

Now, you don’t diagnose anxiety through blood tests. There is something going on there that causes anxiety, but it isn’t in the blood. There could be something seriously physically wrong with Willis that we haven’t learned about yet. Perhaps doctors don’t even know what is causing the condition. But when we read that, it just seemed ‘off’ to us.

Pay attention to this story in the coming months and weeks. If Willis is suffering from anxiety, it should have nothing to do with bloodwork. Remember we said it, although we don’t know exactly what to make of it.