Shea Stadium is gone forever

The final remnants of Shea Stadium have been torn down on this dreary, dark day in Queens. Just a few months months back they were auctioning off those legendary orange seats. Sure, Shea was a dump that was trumped by bigger, more luxurious yards around America. But those who appreciate the history of this game know its significance and respect what it stood for. Some of the most loaded (and underachieving) teams to ever play this game built their legends there. Some of the most horrific as well. Some of the game’s most historic moments took place on those hallowed grounds. No doubt the ‘ghosts’ of yesteryear you hear about were present at Shea and it will take a while to rebuild that at Citi Field. You can build a luxury box and a park full of ammenities but you can’t build a history overnight or over an offseason. The legend of Shea Stadium will live on forever in the hearts of those that have been there and in the stories of those who will tell them to their grandsons.

We’re just glad we experienced it before they took away Shea forever.