Boys are Back in Town

A few of the first photos from Cincinnati Reds Spring Training has filtered in. Everyone is in camp and in the photos it’s refreshing to see them training for what they hope will be a big time, successful surprise season. If they’re going to be the Cinderella story it’s going to be hard work. And you see photos of guys like Jay Bruce doing old time karaoke drills and guys in the cages hitting until their hands bleed. With all the talk of steroids going around, it’s great to see good pure blood, sweat and guts being shed in the form of hard work to prepare for the upcoming 2009 season.

And of course it reminds us of that old rendition they play down at the ballpark after a Reds home run. It’s too bad they don’t play it after every home run. Nothing says Cincinnati Reds baseball and good times like hearing this song blaring on the speakers at GABP.