Bowden strikes again: Dunn signs with Nationals

Washington Nationals fans can be rightfully excited tonight. Our dreams of Adam Dunn ever being a Red again has pretty much ended, as Dunn has agreed to a 2-year $20 million dollar deal to play in Washington alongside his hopeless first love Austin Kearns.

And for that amount, Adam should be back in Cincinnati. But the organization and many of it’s fans (who follow the Bengals in the NFL so that should tell you something about their idea of what it takes to win) couldn’t wait to dump Dunn so we could give at-bats to guys lik Jacque Jones, Daryle Ward, and Johnny Gomes. Guys who belong in the minors.

The Nationals get a hell of a player, but at the same time Dunn isn’t free from blame. Dunn wanted to break the bank. he could ahve had a 4-year deal for $40 million dollars in Cincinnati if he’d originally been prepared to accept that type of offer from us. So Adam, go play in Washington where you’ll continue to be a c-list celebrity next to your bust friend Austin Kearns. You’re damn right we’re bitter. You were foolish and your career numbers will reflect that.

We’ll say it right now: Dunn won’t achieve a 40 home run season in Washington’s big ass park in his 2 year stint there. So you sacrificed what was sure to be a HOF career in Cincinnati for a paltry contract playing for Jim Bowden. And you’re not going to be playing for a winner so your drought for at-bats in the postseason will continue.

As for Jim Bowden, for Christ sake. The guy can’t help himself. His fetish for former Reds continues.