Our Steroid Suspicions about Alex Rodriguez are confirmed

This morning Sports Illustrated broke a story that Alex Rodriguez had tested positive for steroids in 2003 while with the Texas Rangers, a source said. It’s honestly no surprise to us. We’ve known Alex was; at least at some point, engaging in steroid use. Look at his numbers from when he was with the Texas Rangers. Look at his numbers from 2002, 2003. You don’t put up those crooked, video game numbers unless you’re on steroids. We haven’t really seen it since have we?

A lot of different sources are weighing in on this. It’s a huge story. It’s probably the biggest story since Diamond Hoggers has been created. When we told our roomate what we’d seen on the front page of ESPN, he said he’d known for a while this morning and acted as if it was no big deal. But this is a groundbreaking day in the history of baseball. This basically means that of this whole era which has now past; and A-Rod bridged the gap of that era to this one containing guys like Albert Pujols, that Ken Griffey Jr. was the only true great not to cheat.

The guy was the incumbent to be the next home run king of all time. So now, he’s really no better then Barry Bonds in any way. In a way, that is sad.

More on this to come later, after this initial report.