Albert Pujols has an appetite for Manny Ramirez

Albert Pujols hasn’t made many qualms about what he wants during his tenure in St. Louis. Pujols has recently spoke up, and he’d like to add Manny Ramirez as a teammate.

The Cardinals slugger, who won his second NL MVP award in November, acknowledged the team might not have enough money to land the free-agent outfielder.

“I speak with Manny every three days and he tells me, `Man, no one wants to sign me,’ Pujols said Thursday during a news conference. “I’m not an agent or general manager, but I can’t understand how Manny has not signed.”

Pujols passed along Ramirez’s telephone number to St. Louis manager Tony La Russa.

“Maybe St. Louis doesn’t have the money to sign him, but he could give them a discount because St. Louis is a great city that supports its players,” Pujols said.

And we can’t even imagine what would happen if Manny and Pujols were in the same lineup. There’s no way to pitch to that (don’t forget about Ryan Ludwick) combo. One of those guys would probably hit near .400, with the other probably in the .330 to .350 area. The Cardinals would immediately become odds on favorites to win the NL Central and maybe the entire National League. Pujols is a smart man.

We just have to hope that the baseball Gods don’t let it be so.