The World Baseball Classic is Hideous

The World Baseball Classic rosters have been anounced. All the big names will be part of it for the most part. Jeter, A-Rod, yadda yadda yadda. The Cincinnati Reds will send Francisco Cordero, Joey Votto, Jerry Hairston Jr. and Edison Volquez among others.

But one might wonder why the WBC doesn’t get much run or coverage on this blog. It’s because its stupid. We don’t like it. We could care less.

In fact we think it’s an overall terrible idea that will flop in the end. We don’t want our expensive arms, or your team’s expensive arms throwing extra pitches and accumulating extra mileage and wear and tear on the arm. We think that those pitches could come in handy in late September when they’re out of gas.

Any activity for pitchers at the WBC could have an effect on the MLB regular season. And anything that effects the MLB regular season should take place within that season.

This whole thing sprung out of nowhere because of people’s initial push to get baseball as an Olympic sport. We never wanted that either. We don’t know why. But unless the guys are doing anything but playing for that World Series trophy, or accumulating official stats that will go into the history books; we just don’t enjoy it. Sure, it does a nice job of promoting the game on an International platform but so does the regular season. People stay up all night in Japan to watch MLB games live. So you may gain a few fans around the world, it’s not worth risking the injury to your most important assets.

It would be perfect if the WBC was comprised of minor leaguers and college players. But leave Major Leaguers alone. We’d venture to guess that the policy will either be changed, or a great debate will one day rare its ugly head to do so because of an injury to a star in a meaningless exhibition.

  • Seems like you have a very narrow perspective on this world. The WBC is not just for the USA entertainment, but the rest of the world. In other countries it is a big deal, little kids get to see their heros play for their country. Normally they don’t get to see them play because it is not televised. I know if I was living in another country I would be waiting for this event all year. I bet anything you have never left the country, probably just some dumb hick from the mid-west.

  • Get pissed, why don’t ya? I actually am just a hick from the midwest (no need for a hyphen). I have been out of the country a handful of times. But I don’t live there, I live here. And I don’t care about what they wait all year for here, there, everywhere. I care about my country, my baseball, and my pitchers. Costa Rica and their year of waiting can lick my hick balls.

  • I know blogs are supposed to be personal opinions but geez, at least attempt to have some class. It is just really surprising that someone that loves baseball so much would be against this. To me that is a little hypocritcal.Sincerely,WBC

  • Thanks again, George

  • Hi Clint,You’re welcome. Although I am kidding around you have to admit I make a fair point. I think we can learn from foreign countries about the game of baseball where in some cases it is more pure than in the states. In this country the game has been comprimised by free agency, steroids and greedy agents. Since these players in the WBC are playing for the fans and the love of the game, it makes me a full supporter of this event. Thank you for letting me share my opinions with you on my favorite baseball blog.For love of the game,George WBC

  • You say you don’t want your expensive arms throwing extra pitches………I say I don’t overpaid players playing just because they are overpaid. The WBC is pure baseball. And of course players that we all know is what makes it even more fun.