This is what Adam Dunn wants

Adam Dunn is asking for what we’d consider to be a fair deal, especially for a guy who puts up numbers year in and year out and plays every day.

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick talked to an official of a team interested in Adam Dunn. That official said Dunn’s current asking price is four years, $56MM ($14MM per). Crasnick says the Braves and Nationals are more focused on trades.

Dunn’s list of suitors is small. And once again, we don’t get it. The guy is going to have big time numbers into his late 30’s we’d venture to bet. He stays out of trouble off the field. If you want to add some big time run production to your lineup, why not add the guy? It just doesn’t make sense.

  • Adam Dunn Would Produce Numbers As A Bat Behind A- Rod In a Season, More Than All The Rotating DHs'.If You Want To Give Someone A Day Off Give Them The Full Day. In That Lineup, Leave Dunn To DH And you'll Get Numbers Like, 45HRs'& 135 RBIs'.All The Rotating DHs' & Day off DHs'Are Not Going To Put UP Numbers Like That In A Season. In Facr I Might Go As Far As To Say ANYONE In That Lineup Would Be Hard Pressed To Exceed Those Numbers.PLUS HE's STILL YOUNG.