An Exclusive Virtual Tour of New Yankee Stadium

On the day that the Yankees unveil a new patch commemorating their new palace, we present you with one of the first inside looks at the new stadium. This tour comes courtesy of us from Editor George’s roommate (thanks George). Enjoy the photos and a first look at the new gem of all big league ballparks (of course it is).
And in the future this room shall have much champagne sprayed in it. The New York Yankees locker room. What I like about it is the classic Yankee design casing/railing across the top of the lockers. What says Yankee baseball like that design? You look at that, you know you’re in the Bronx. The Yankees did an excellent job of bringing tradition to this new ballpark.
Individual locker set and a better look at that famous railing design from inside old and new Yankee Stadium.

Here is a view of the Yankees team restroom. We’re told is was substantially bigger and fancier then this picture does justice. We believe it.

The Yankees team hot tub. When we first saw a picture of this we thought it was a small team boat parked in the garage somewhere. This could hold ten to twelve Yankees at any given time with a girl for each. Girardi isn’t gonna have that, but still. Only the Bombers know of the secret privileges that come with being a Yankee.
The carpet in the Yankee locker room. This isn’t offered at retail for those interested. I bet it feels very plush on the feet. I’m sure it’s lovely. Looks comfortable. Much finer living then what you’d find in say, the Pirates locker quarters or a team like the Marlins.
This is a look at the Yankee team batting cage. Firsthand accounts say it is much larger then the opposing team batting cage. This is also easy for one to assume. This is where the Bombers will master the manotinous. Where they’ll earn blisters like the old time ballplayers. Where guys will carve out Hall of Fame careers.
It looks like another area in the New Yankee Stadium will have an aspect that made old Yankee Stadium so appealing warm and cozy. Those legendary bleachers out in right field. This is very neat that the Yankees have decided to keep this area in the new park that gave the old stadium so much character.
And the view that the lucky men will see as they enter the field of dreams to do their day jobs. Can you even imagine?
One difference from the old park to the new park is the scoreboard in the wall in right field. This is a more modern-looking dimension of the new park. The old park had no scoreboard in the wall and as you can see the lettering and numerals will be modernized rather then the old flashbulb lights to make a scoreboard.
From this club level view, we think that the new stadium out in left field looks an awful lot like the old stadium again. And that’s what you’d hope for just as a baseball fan. It looks pretty spacious out in the left field corner of the new Yankee palace. We’d expect word to get around the league pretty quickly that balls will kick around down there and turn into doubles and even triples for guys that really motor.
A view of new Yankee Stadium (right) next to old Yankee Stadium (left). One thing worth asking: will the new stadium see 27 World Championships?
Full view of beautiful center field, which will seat people. At the old Yankee Stadium, tarp covered the batter’s eye area and there were no fans allowed to be seated there. All in all, this place really does look like a glossy new version of the old park. The architects did an excellent job. You get what you pay for.
Cool aspect of the new stadium. The date that the park will be ‘born’.