So Long Freel

Ryan Freel has seen his time as a Cincinnati Red come to an end. The guy was always a fan favorite of ours. He played hard. He played everywhere. He put dip and tabacky in his upper jowls. There was the opening day DUI in 2005 where he partied a bit too hard after the big win. There was Farney.

Ramon Hernandez was acquired from the Baltimore Orioles for Freel and two prospects. The Reds’ discrimination for anyone with the ability to hit leadoff continues.

We liked Freel because he was a lot like you and I. He was a spark plug. It was a feel good story of a guy who just grinded his way to fame and a spot on a big league roster. He never played for a winner in Cincinnati but it wasn’t because he didn’t bleed and sweat to do so.

Good luck in Baltimore Ryan. The Orioles are getting a hell of a player.