ESPN is back with its Winter Meetings 'blog'

ESPN each year on its MLB site trys to pawn off to you and I that it has a blog. However, the blog doesn’t have clickable posts and it doesn’t really allow for comments. It’s really just a page of information that is added to. So by blogger definitions, it’s not a blog.

Now why would it be so hard to set up a real blog like the ESPN NFL site has done? You know, with actual clickable posts. We don’t feel like we’re being too picky to make such a suggestion. That is if you insist on calling it a blog.

If we were employed by ESPN’s MLB department, we’d implement this ground-breaking idea immediately.

Either way, we’ll keep a close eye on this publication headed by Buster Olney. You can’t deny that the guy pretty much hears everything before everyone else. He’s a lucky guy.