The Rays are the guest that won't leave the party

We have to admit, we never thought we’d see the day. Baseball fever has just caught fire in Tampa. Carlos Pena hit a 3-run walk-off home run today, against who else: the Cleveland Indians. Rays win 10-7. Goodnight, Masahide Kobayashi. And for fucks sakes, does this guy know how to start a party for the opposition.

This heroic blast capped a 6-run 9th inning by the Rays, and spoiled a 5-hit game by Jhonny Peralta. Troy Percival, the trash found treasure closer of the Rays; gets the win. The Rays are unstoppable in their home park (45-17), which is a morgue. They’re 3+ games in first place in the best division in baseball and their mouth is watering because its time to prepare for a series with the Mariners, who are dead as a fuckin’ doornail.

It’s a great story, and all that shit. Yadda yadda yadda. It’s also kind of sad from our point of view. You see, a year ago right now the Indians were the Rays of 2008. We think it would have been a much better story for a championship starved city like C-Town to be having a season like this again. It’s funny how things work out. Or as a friend of mine would reply: “It’s funny how things don’t.”

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