The American League Prevails Again

Note the search terms. I was wondering the same thing when I woke up this morning.

You know, in the end the 2008 All-Star game will go down as the greatest of all-time. And I didn’t get to see the end of it. I think the MVP JD Drew is the game’s biggest dickface. That said, the game seemed to be a scripted classic, complete with the red carpet parade and legends all over the field. It was a night that you’d love to be at the ballpark even with it being great on television.

It’s hard to believe the National League actually holds a 40-36 advantage in these contests. They just can’t fake themselves into winning one of late.

And we commence today with the most boring day of the summer.

A day where no baseball is played. I watched When It Was a Game and now the Hooters pageant. It doesn’t compare to even watching the Pirates and Giants. I miss baseball already.

The All-Star Game was a nice reminder in the middle of the summer that no venue can bring out the magic quite like Yankee Stadium. It definitely lived up to the billing of midsummers classic.