Jay Bruce’s tears can cure cancer; the thing is Jay Bruce never cries

Take a good look; because you are looking at the man who is going to save Cincinnati Reds baseball. Reds fans have suffered long and hard since my childhood, since the night in 1990 I was in downtown Cincinnati in a hotel room with granny, watching Jose Rijo hoist the World Series trophy. Things haven’t been truly good since then.

Things are truly good again. A brighter day has shined and good times are on the horizon for us who live to hear Marty Brennamen say This one belongs to the Reds.

Aside from Jay Bruce we’ve got other young talent. With a pitching staff of Aaron Harang, Johnny Cueto, Edison Volquez and maybe soon to be Homer Bailey, well lets just say it’s a far cry from when we were hoping for solid outings from Eric Milton and Dave Williams.

The lineup still has the aforementioned Bruce, Brandon Phillips, Adam Dunn, Joey Votto, Edwin Encarnacion, and Ken Griffey Jr. There’s plenty to be excited about. This team has direction, and it’s lead by the force that is ‘The Deal’ Jay Bruce.

It’s the dawn of a new era. Are you ready for 15 years of this kid roaming the pasture in the Queen City? 3,000 hits later I think we’ll be saying it was one hell of a ride.