Jacoby Elsbuy is no longer a poor man's Grady Sizemore

Jacoby Elsbury has arrived. He stole two more bases tonight to bring his season total to 13, while still hitting a posh .281 on the season. He’s become the player that I envisioned he would be; and in fact is playing better than the guy I’ve always compared him to; Grady Sizemore. Although he’s not quite that dreamy yet.

The decision I made to drop Elsbury seemed like a good decision when he was splitting time with that fucker Coco Crisp. But it seems like the day I dropped him, he became the Red Sox everyday outfielder.

I’m just glad that someone lucked out and picked him up right away, so they could benefit and serve me a nice shitburger to eat. Now I’m doing the equivalent of syphing gas; by picking up Willie Taveras for the same amount of stolen bases and a guy who does nothing else.