NOTHING beats a night when your favorite player homers

241 and counting….
You know if the Reds would have lost tonight I planned for a post that would have ripped them; but also vowed to stop devoting my time to them as well. I would have been done covering them on the blog, done watching them each night for a while; and basically have given up on Adam Dunn for the year and not cared anymore what happened.
It’s weird. After you watch a player so many times, so many at-bats and games over the course of so many seasons, you just get feelings. I been watching Dunn do it for a long time now, and when he was up to bat for the second time tonight against Hong-Chih Kuo of the Dodgers I knew that he was going to homer in that at-bat. And things didn’t look good. Kuo is a herky-jerky lefty and was spotting up Dunn well after striking him out in his first plate appearance of the night. The game was tied 1-1. It was a feeling of assuredness, a feeling of knowing that I was going to be able to enjoy a night in which my favorite ballplayer homered. Something I’ve experienced over 200 nights before with the Dunner. It wasn’t just knowing that he was going to homer at some course of the game, I knew it was going to happen that at-bat. It doesn’t happen often; but it has happened probably 4 or 5 times over the course of time that I’ve watched Dunn play.

Sure enough, Dunn hit a ball over the left field fence to give the Reds a lead they wouldn’t relinquish, and the home team went home happy.