Are you not entertained?

The Reds were just swept in a 3-game series by the Pittsburgh Pirates. While some want to place blame on the Reds hitters, I blame Dusty Baker. He is the reason this team struggles to score runs.

Baker is the guy who wanted the light hitting Norris Hopper and Ryan Freel on this team over Jay Bruce, who already has a big league bat. He’s the guy who has chosen to protect Adam Dunn in the lineup with Edwin Encarnacion (who’s riding the interstate himself) during Dunn’s slump, instead of using a guy who is a threat like Jeff Keppinger.

I’m really sick and tired of hearing Cincinnati bone-head fans defend this group year after year by saying things like “it’s early”. You do not turn around a decade of ineptitude by beginning the year playing .500 ball or just below. You do not change the losing culture that has existed for the duration of some players’ entire career in Cincinnati (Dunn, Griffey) by getting swept out of town by the fucking Pirates, a bunch of no-talent ass clowns who on paper are nowhere near Cincinnati in talent.

It’s just unreal. If I wanna watch a real team I might just have to head to the sports bar every night.