Adam Dunn <3 Derek Turnbow

The home run drought is no more. Adam Dunn is on the board in 2008, hitting his first homer (as I predicted earlier today to a friend) off Derek Turnbow. The homerun, a blast to left center field; was Dunn’s 3rd of his career off the gas can righthander.

One down, 49 more to go, Big Donkey.

Update I: I didn’t see the Dunn homer live, but switched channels shortly after to see that he had a giant Hog in his mouth. This is very encouraging, as I had thought that he had quit dip. I was worried.

Update II: Derek Turnbow has been given a nickname. “Gas Can” Turnbow. Throws 2000 miles an hour, gets his tits lit annually. I love Brewers relief pitchers.