Maybe Hamilton wasn't so popular

According to everything we’ve heard, Josh Hamilton was a very likable guy. A good ol’ boy of sorts, which was why we were so pissed at the Cincinnati Reds organization when he was traded to Texas in December. According to the NY Daily News, there just might be more to the story:

Because Hamilton had been such an inspirational feel-good story, making it all the way back from a life ruined by drugs, the deal was roundly criticized by Cincy fans. But according to team sources, Hamilton, for all his recovered abilities, was not a popular player in the Reds’ clubhouse. His teammates resented the fact that he had to have Narron’s brother as a constant chaperone and they also felt he too often begged out of the lineup for minor ailments.

I don’t know if I buy it. Even if it is true, isn’t it an interesting thing that makes a guy like Adam Dunn a popular clubhouse figure but a guy like Josh Hamilton not? Very confusing to someone who follows the game closely like me. Seems like those in the clubhouse that don’t like him will go away quickly with production picking up.

*Sorry about missing the last few days round’ here. I’ve had the stomach flu and have honestly been too sick to even move.