Diamond Hoggers Salutes the 64th best NCAA Basketball Team

Tonight is the official start of the NCAA Men’s Tournament. Sure it’s Coppin State vs. Mount St. Mary’s. Sure we don’t know where the hell that is. But you know what? This is like a really bad salad before a really good meal. You’re getting ready to sit down for a huge 23 oz. Porterhouse, and they bring you this salad and the dressing is screwed up. It’s no good but you’re gonna nibble on it and might even like it a bit because you know that Porterhouse is coming.

And after this figurative Porterhouse we speak of, is a delicious dessert of MLB Baseball. One of our favorite things about NCAA Basketball (other than it’s right up against the beginning of the baseball regular season) is Bobby Knight. Behold the legend if you haven’t seen it yet. Sit Motherfucker.