The Reasoning Behind My Fantasy Team Name: Pink Veal

We’ve made it no secret here that we’re huge fans of the epic drama film, Casino. The movie is great because it applies so much to everyday life. We also are huge fans of the star of the whole damn show: Nicky Santoro.

In that movie, Nicky is a scheming, backstabbing, knee cap-crackin‘ little fuck. He’ll do what he has to do to get to the top. We admire that about him. The world would be a lot better place if every one of us had a little more Nicky inside us.

In the movie a happily-married Nicky Santoro is seen escorting a showgirl out of the casino and into the passenger side of his Cadillac. As he’s getting in you hear him rambling on and on about Godknowswhat. Then all the sudden they’re in the car getting ready to fool around and he says “Pink Veal. You can pound that shit for days and days and it’ll never get tender”. A moment later the showgirl is won over by the quote and proceeds to go down on and blow Nicky on the spot. The Pink Veal line had her hooked in.

My buddies and I really took a liking to that quote. We don’t really know why. Something about an under-sized Italian man saying what he has to say; and doing what he has to do to both get ahead, and to get head–was comical to us.

Nicky, I play this fantasy baseball season in your honor. We will make you proud.