Random Player Review: Jim Eisenreich

Jim Eisenreich was a very famous ballplayer among Philadelphia fans, and should be to all of baseball fans. Jim Eisenreich was known for being afflicted with Tourettes Syndrome. In other words, Eisenreich battled a disease during his career that made him say ‘fuck’ at an alarming rate. For that, he must be applauded. It was during this beginning bout with TS in which Eisenreich would go on the disabled list with the Minnesota Twins to rehab. His replacement on the roster was future Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett.

Eisenreich had his finest play from 1993-1996 when he was a member of the Phliadelphia Phillies. This included a World Series appearance in which Eisenreich would go 6 for 26 with a homerun in a losing effort.

Eisenreich made appearances at all outfield spots and first base in his career, as well as designated hitter. He was most effective in pinch hitting appearances and spot starter rather than an every day player, a role he was forced into during the 1995 season on a depleted and struggling Phillies team.

Eisenreich took a liking to hitting LA Dodger pitching. His .402 batting average and .620 slugging percentage against Los Angeles absolutely dwarf his other career numbers and rank among the most successful of any one player against any one team.

Jim Eisenreich lifetime statistics (Baseball Reference)