Read God Save the Fan

I want you to get to your nearest book store, Hoggers; and purchase God Save the Fan by Will Leitch.

I wrote a more detailed post about this on my NFL site, but as We Are the Postmen put it: “We really never would have gotten into this whole blogging thing had it not been for E stumbling upon Deadspin back in January of ‘05. A win for Leitch is a win for the sports blogosphere as a whole.”

For every sports blogger out there, no matter how insignifcant their voice on the large scale internet may be; Leitch is our leader. If this little plug on my small baseball site gets one person in the world to know about the book that didn’t before, than I’ve done by unknown favor to a good guy who views sports similarly to me, and a fella that’s been my inspiration for starting this site and really changed my life.

Check it out!