The best news in a while: Jocketty signs on with Reds

Wayne Krivsky, that warmth you feel on your ass isn’t your imagination; your seat in Cincinnati just got a little hotter. The Reds have brought marquee baseball-man Walt Jocketty aboard, another strong move in what has been a very good offseason for the Cincinnati Reds (aside from trading Josh Hamilton).

Jocketty was the architect of the mid 90’s Cardinals teams, as well as basically assembling their World Championship team of 2004. He knows how to build a winner and seemingly always found a way to bring the key player or biggest fish in the pond to his team.

Jocketty brought Mark Mcgwire to St. Louis in 1997, just one of his many crafty string of moves that fleeced another organization in the league while appearing to offer the better deal to those he was shaking hands with at the same time.

It will be interesting to see how Jocketty works with Dusty Baker, and more so, Krivsky. Krivsky has done nothing but assemble underachieving ballclubs that fall apart during different parts of the season, and hasn’t found many diamonds in the rough. I’m not a fan of Krivsky for various reasons, the main one being because I think he’s a schlum-schmuck of an individual and an unproven baseball man who is over his head. What did he ever prove in Minnesota? That he knows how to build a team that will either not make the playoffs or lose in the first round?

Give me Jocketty as the full time GM or give me death!