Quickly on the Reds

Obviously I want the Reds to keep up with their winning ways. If they are within 5 games of 1st by the end of August, a very solid month of September could push them into the forefront of the division and into the playoffs…but we all know that this Reds squad is not a championship contender. Does the FO know this?

My questions are, do the Reds make the same mistakes as last year and over value the talent on this team? They do play in by far the worst division in baseball and have a shot at the post season without having a winning record (Just like last year).

Hearing predictions that Mackanin is already going to named the manager for 2008 scares me. We all know the track record of interim turned to permanent managers with this organization.
As knowledgable fans we all know that some major changes need to occur this off-season and I hope the FO doesn’t think the problem’s have been solved.

That’s what scares me about the Reds contending for the NL Central. Will long-term goals be compromised?