1 hour, 59 minutes of nothing

Fausto Carmona went the complete game, only 8 innings, of 3-hit, 2 run baseball with 5 strikeouts, but he was bested by a Detroit Tigers pitching staff that gave up one hit. Jhonny Peralta hit a solo homerun off Jair Jurrjens which would be the Indians only hit of the game.

I’m going to say this right now. The Indians don’t have the offense to be a playoff team. For whatever the reason, they just can’t hit and this is a bad point in the season to lose it like that. Sizemore has to hit better than the .274 he is sitting on right now, as does Peralta at only .273 for the season. Travis Hafner can’t get well soon enough, and even when he does that doesn’t mean he’s going to all of the sudden start hitting.

Wouldn’t it be a twist of irony if the Indian’s bats and not their pitching and defense cost them a trip to the postseason? Something just tells me this team has what it takes to hang on. They’ve got a 1/2 game lead going into tonight’s game in Detroit. Something tells me they’re not going to stop fighting. They’ll survive yet again like Rasputin. We shall see.

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Oh yeah, the game was 1:59 in time. Literally I returned home from a nice hibachi dinner with the wifey expecting to catch half of the game, I saw the 8th and 9th innings. Thanks, Indians hitters.