Wifey on the dispatch for us all

Tonight, the fiance is doing us here at Diamond Hoggers a little favor, she’s heading to Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia to provide some coverage, take some pictures, and talk about the experience of watching my favorite fucking terrible team the Cincinnati Reds play baseball. In other words, expect some pictures of tonight’s game and nothing more. With my commentary.

You know how girls are. She’ll get to the stadium, she’ll want ice cream. She’ll watch the Phillie Phanatic, who is a real dick. She’ll be distracted by that fucking bell that rings after the Phillies homer. She’ll chit-chat and gossip with her best friend Hope (do you know her George?). Everything but what she’s assigned to do; talk baseball; get some good pics that we can work with here, and you know–maybe even do a guest post.

“NO! Absolutely not! I am not blogging. Never, at any point, will I write something for your blog!”

And then I stop the asking because I know I’ve lost the battle. We all know how women are, but I am one of the lucky ones. This isn’t going to become a normal, suck my girl’s ass post, as I do that plenty of the time when I’m around her. It’s simply allowing for me to let the readership know that we’ve got some pics and stories (I hope) live from Philly, from the most amazing gal in the world, who allows me to be a full fledged baseball geek.

Last night would have been the night to have been there, with Ryan Howard (still an asshole) becoming the fastest player ever to reach 100 career homeruns. He did it with a 505 foot blast. Oh yeah, Adam Dunn homered to seal the win for the Reds, and he did it off our old friend Jose Mesa. Good lookin’ out Dunner.

Stay tuned! Maybe the wifey will even break down and become a blog-geek for a few minutes.