Homer Bailey takes his rocket arm to Philly

That was taken last december at Jim’s Steaks on south street in Philly. I think it makes for a hell of a picture. Many tourists and Philly residents alike will argue over whether Genos or Pats is indeed the King of Philly Cheesesteaks. I have to say, I absolutely loved Jim’s. And don’t give me any of that Cheeze-wiz shit. I just wanted some provolone, with some tomato and lettuce on there. I like the options made available to you at Jim’s.

Philly is a neat little city, and tonight the Cincinnati Reds and their 21 year old right hander Homer Bailey take center stage in Philly. We’ve chronicled Homer’s first, second, and third career starts right here on this very blog. The guy has given tremendous uplift to Cincinnati fans who were expecting a contending ballclub. The entire team seems to just play harder when he’s on the mound, and as a Reds fan you just must hope that he stays healthy for his entire big league career (don’t be like Prior, don’t be like Prior), and remains a Red when he is up for a new contract someday down the road.

Can Homer improve to 3-0? Can he strikeout the grumpy slugger of the Phillies? Stay tuned.