We're recruiting a few good men

Want to be a reporter or correspondent for Diamond Hoggers? Here is your chance. We’re looking for a few readers out that that are attending some big time ballgames and events of Major League Baseball in the near future to step in and do some guest posts or photo submissions from the event(s) listed.

We can’t get to all the games, and there’s a decent chance that we’re going to miss out on some good stuff this season due to travel restrictions and, well, having a life (or trying).

We’re looking for a few good men (ladies welcome as well) to step in and provide us with a first hand account of the following events. If you think you’ll have a chance at going to these events and you’d like to help us out as a correspondent on one of them, please reply in the comment box or shoot us an email at [email protected].

Here’s what we want to cover:

-Major League Baseball All-Star Workout Day & Homerun Derby
-Major League Baseball All-Star Game (San Francisco)
-Barry Bonds’ record tying 755th homern and record breaking 756 homerun
-ALDS games which could take place in Boston, New York, Cleveland, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Seattle, Milwaukee, Arizona, really every city but Cincinnati and Texas.
-Craig Biggio’s 3000th hit
-Anything else you think is worthy of some coverage, let us know! We’re always looking for new ideas.

Thanks and Sincerely,

Your Diamond Hoggers Editors