Reds ruin Bailey's second career outing

In a game I would have love to been in attendance the Cincinnati Reds blew a nice rally to a good ballclub in the Anaheim Angels and lost in the hot Cincinnati sun, 9-7.

The Reds got behind 3-1 early but stormed back to take a 5-3 lead on homeruns by Ken Griffey Jr. (carrer homerun #579) and Alex Gonzalez.

Homer Bailey went 6 innings strong, and left with the opportunity to get the victory. After walking the first two batters he faced in the 7th inning with no one out, he was pulled from the ballgame in favor of Gary fuckin Majewski.

Majewski is good for nothing, other than the fact he looks like “Weird” Al Yankovicz. He looks more like Weird Al than Weird Al does. Back to my main point, Majewski is worthless. He came in, as he usually does, and got his tits ripped and the Angels took back the lead they would never relinquish with a 6-run inning.

Adam Dunn collected 3 hits on the day and 2 RBI, Josh Hamilton was pulled from the game early after going 0 for 2 off Colon, due to dizziness. The Reds welcome the worst team in all of baseball (by record admission only) in the Texas Rangers this weekend. I’ll say it: if they don’t smell the blood in the water, come out at home and sweep this weak team, the season is over. It’s probably already officially over but I’m hopeless and can’t accept it.

The biggest story for me when covering this team is watching the careers of Hamilton and Bailey begin, and seeing Griffey trek towards 600 career homeruns and have maybe his finest season in Cincinnati to date. Also, I’d like to see Adam Dunn have the season I predicted, but it’s looking more and more with every loss that his days as a Red are numbered.

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