Angels @ Reds game 2

The lineup is up. Game 2 is ready to go. Let’s get another win over an AL team and keep this thing rolling. Here is the lineup:

Hatteberg 1B
Phillips 2B
Griffey RF
Dunn LF
Encarnacion 3B
Hamilton CF
Gonzalez SS
Ross C
Lohse P

I’ll be back after the game for my full write up and such.


Postgame: This was actually a good game until Kyle Lohse threw the fucking ball down the dick to Vladimir Guerrero. Who was I to think the Reds could go into thursday afternoon’s contest with their fresh new ace having the chance to sweep one of the American league’s premiere teams?

Hamilton went hitless. Dunn struck out in a crucial situation after a nice battle with Scot Shields. Never trust a guy who spells his name ‘Scot’, with only one ‘t’. That is so crucial to being a sure sign of being a weasel. He weaseled out of the inning, striking out Phillips, Griffey, and then Dunn.

I’d talk more about Alex Gonzalez booting balls all over the damn infield and how I think Marcus Macbeth is going to be the closer of this team next season, but we’ll get more into that later. I’m sure we’ll have opportunities to discuss both.

Francisco Rodriguez came in the 9th inning to shit on the three batters he faced, as per usual. Guerrero racked up 4 RBI and two doubles. The only good thing about this game, is that it is over, and this week is half over. Found out today I’m headed to saturday’s game against the Rangers, which has turned out to be a battle of the toilet teams of all of baseball. Leave it to the Reds to play tough against very good teams like the Indians and Angels, then lay and egg and get swept out of town to end a homestand by the Rangers.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I get through tomorrow spending all day with the boss, as does Homer Bailey. Can he begin to make this a legendary start to a great career? Can he raise my fantasy team from the depths of hell? Can the Reds find a way to fuck things up? Will Grey Goose Narron implode? Stay tuned……

Box Score