Hogging before payday…when you need a discount chop.

We’ve all been there. Of course, nothing beats Skoal…mint, straight, frost, berry, citrus…you can’t beat it. But, there are those times in a man’s life when you simply cannot afford the ridiculous price. Working in White Plains last summer, it was not unheard of to pay $7.00 for a tin. Fuck.

I’m barely scraping along at the moment, as I’m looking for a full-time job as I’m finishing up school and I don’t get paid for my part-time job til the 15th. Therefore, Skoal is slightly out of reach. I need to get by on a discount, lesser brand for now.

There’s that Longhorn shit…god awful, I mean you might as well not shower for a few days and harvest your own ass crust.

Grizzly…a popular discount choice. Mint is fine, straight is fine…wintergreen finecut can also be self cultivated by mixing coffee grinds and toothpaste in a bowl.

Then there’s Timberwolf…I succumbed to the mint today…really, not too bad. A sketchball by the name of Kovach once gave me Wintergreen fine cut from T-wolf, and boy…his tin lasted forever. The dip seemed to regenerate itself. I’m hoping my mint can do the same.

So I appeal to the fellowship of the hog…what do you fellas reach for when you simply can’t afford the Skoal???