Mel Allen would be smiling on this day

Today, the FOX national game of the week is going to be a real showdown. The Cleveland Indians take on the Detroit Tigers, with both team’s aces on the hill and once again, first place on the line. This is a picture perfect point in the season for these two teams to meet, with their aces pitching; as CC Sabathia takes on Justin Verlander.

Today is the type of day that as a kid I remember waking up on my favorite day of the week and watching This Week in Baseball before the big saturday national game. Something about the show just always put me in a great mood, got me ready to watch some baseball, and showed the game from a fan’s perspective. With Hall of Famer Mel Allen hosting the show, it made for a great program. It is the Omega of all baseball shows. There simply is none higher.
Eventually, Mel Allen would give way to a claymation Mel Allen; post mortem. Claymation Mel would eventually share hosting duties with current host, Buzz Brainard (great name), and eventually Jenny Finch. TWIB could have done a whole lot worse as far as replacements for the legend.
Nonetheless, Allen would be smiling on this day. Memorial Day saturday has a great game ahead. I wonder if I can find that show right now…..I’m in the mood for some TWIB.