Indians 7, Twins 4- 12 innings

This was definitely the game of the night and the game I spent my evening watching. Victor Martinez hit a huge and mammoth homerun, and Travis Hafner collected 4 base hits. Ryan Garko got the game winning hit for the second game in a row, giving the Indians the victory over the first place Twins in 12 innings.

What really chapped my ass? Grady Sizemore and Johnny Peralta combined to go 0 for 11, which took my fantasy baseball team from like a .343 average on the night to a cozy .250something. Thanks.

Also, another thought that entered my head was about Joe Mauer. The guy is a great hitter. He’s a LOCK for .300, but where is the power? The guy is soon to go a month with no homeruns. Come on Joe, you gotta get on the board for me, you were like my 3rd pick bro. Get it going a bit. The Legendary Hillbillys III need you.

Box Score