Throwing it Around

Here’s the headlines in baseball we deem footnoteworthy on this March Madness friday morning:

  • Former MLB commissioner, Bowie Kuhn passes away at age 80.
  • Sammy Sosa makes the Texas Rangers roster. Next up: Can he earn a starting spot?
  • The Cleveland Indians are going to try and build a dynasty with some of the current pieces in place. They took another step in this direction by giving GM Mark Shapiro a 5-year contract extension.
  • The Baseball Analysts do what they do best, break down the best 3rd base coaches in the game, with some numbers.
  • The View from the Bleachers says Mark Prior is in deep water.
  • Who knew the Chicago Cubs had a prayer that could be said for victory’s purpose? Well, they do, courtesy of
  • The tells us about JD Drew and his new oxygen chamber.