Jeter and Wright: The Intangibles

Derek Jeter and David Wright are the two players who have elevated the game of baseball to all time highs. They brought us back and showed us what was missing from the game and continue to lead us into new territory. Not only has baseball not seen two players like this in decades, but playing at the same time, in the same city, and for two teams that every team is looking to beat. Jeter and Wright both encompass a special quality that is hard to define in one word, because it is an intangible value. Their play has truly defined what a leader should represent and we see this everyday through their dominating performances in the most crucial situations time and time again.

Thinking about them makes me think about the quote, “If you can make in New York City you can make it anywhere”. Through the years we have seen many promising young and old players come to New York and fail miserably. The fact that Jeter and Wright are both succeeding in an unforgiving atmosphere is unprecedented. Many people are still down on Jeter and are waiting for Jeter to screw up or find a flaw, sorry folks, you will not find a spec of dust, this guy is untouchable. This goes for Wright as well (even though he is still young) because they are “complete” ball players, beyond a five-tool player, they carry the gene called “Natural-Born-Leader”. They not only impress us on the field, but outside the lines as well, demonstrating how a true leader acts. When I watch them play or hear them talk to the media, no matter where they are, or who they are around, their influence seems rub off on everyone. They give off this certain glare, in their actions, on their face or just when they are having a passing conversation with a base runner. You see their genuine look of determination, nothing will distract them.

Now that Wright has quickly moved up to the status of being part divine and part human, where Jeter resides, you will begin to see the media catching on to this intangible duo as the season moves on. They are both going to light up the city in a way we have never seen before. They are the hungriest, most determined guys who want to win and can’t remember seeing two players like this ever before. They prove focus to us on every pitch, every out, and in every game. These two players, in this era, who are the cleanest (steroid-free) guys in the game, will be remembered for as long as this game is played. Their talents on the field and their leadership abilities have elevated their status and what it means to be a leader. They will continue raise the bar and show how hard work, raw talent, and the right attitude can lead the two biggest teams in the game to a championship.